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Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

Labtron carbon monoxide analyzer employs various high-quality sensing technologies for the detection and measurement of carbon monoxide. Our analyzer emerged as the preferred choice for monitoring atmospheric pollution and CO poisoning due to its capability for real-time, unaltered gas analysis and its low maintenance requirements. Within 30 seconds, it delivers rapid responses, effectively spanning a broad coverage area. It has a colored screen digital display for easy visualization of CO levels and comes equipped with advanced built-in sample pumps and pressure regulators, catering to diverse applications. This analyzer is suitable for both safe area and hazardous area operations, ensuring versatility and safety across diverse operational environments.

Carbon Monoxide Analyzer LCMA-A10 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer LCMA-A10

Gas Detection : CO

Measuring Range : 0 to 1000μmol/mol

Resolution : 1

Accuracy for (0 to 50) μ mol/mol Measuring Range : Allowable error 5 %

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Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

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