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Gel Strength Test System

Labtron Gel Strength Test System is equipped with highly sensitive sensors and advanced instrumentation to provide accurate and reproducible measurements of gel strength. Our system allows for the adjustment of testing parameters such as temperature, shear rate, and testing time. It features automated functionalities, for an easy testing process and reduces the potential for human error. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of gel types, including those found in food products, pharmaceutical formulations, and cosmetic applications. It has a powerful data processing capability that automatically submits mean, final, or peak values. This ensures accurate and efficient data representation.

Gel Strength Test System LGST-A10 Gel Strength Test System LGST-A10

Test Range : 5 to 1000 g Bloom

Test Accuracy Range : ± 0.3 %

Resolution : 1 g Bloom

Travel : 1 to 60 mm

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Gel Strength Test System

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