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-45°C Ultra-low temperature Portable freezer LPF-A10

-45°C Ultra-low temperature Portable freezer LPF-A10

-45°C Ultra-low temperature Portable freezer LPF-A10 is an ultra-low temperature freezer comprised with 25 L of capacity, offers -15 to -45°C of temperature range with direct cooling method and manual defrost mode. Features a microcomputer digital control system and a SECOP compressor with an EBM fan and mixture gas refrigerant. Equipped with an advanced audible and visual alarm system, it ensures safe operation.

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Capacity 25 L
Temperature range -15 to -45 ℃
Thermostat Digital
Refrigerant R404 mixed
Display LED
Cooling way Direct cooling
Noise/dB 5
Compressor brand SECOP
Compressor quantity 1
Doors Top-open
Foaming thickness/mm 90
Inner material 304 stainless steel
External material PE
Alarm type Sound +Light
Defrosting way Manual
Power supply 12V/24V DC /220/110V AC
Rated input 70(DC)/270(AC)
Power Consumption 1.3/3 KWh/24H
Power Supply 12V/24V DC /220/110V AC
Internal dimensions (W×D×H) 327×200×305 mm
External dimensions (W×D×H) 780×410×515 mm
Packing dimensions (W×D×H) 860×490×680 mm
Weight 21 kg
  • An ultra-low temperature freezer with 25 L of capacity, multigrade freezer
  • -15 to -45 ℃of temperature range with direct cooling method and manual defrostr
  • Microcomputer digital control system and SECOP compressor with EBM fan
  • R404Mixture gas refrigerant, 100 % CFC-free and environment-friendly
  • Ergonomic design can be applied to hospital, blood bank, university, laboratories etc
  • The outer door is a double-layer electrically heated tempered glass door to prevent condensation
  • High-quality stainless-steel plate with spraying exterior and stainless-steel interior
  • High and low temperature and sensor failure alarm system
  • Advanced audible and visual alarm system, ensures safe operation
  • Equipped with an inverter to support 110V/220V AC working and 12V/24V DC working
  • High-efficient, stable, and reliable unit with DC/DC power management module

-45°C Ultra-low temperature Portable freezer LPF-A10is used across hospitals, health and epidemic prevention system, scientific research institutes, biological engineering, laboratory in colleges and universities, military industrial enterprises, etc.

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1 Lock
2 Wheels

Available Range :

Capacity : 25 L

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