Air Permeability Tester

Labtron Air Permeability Testers are designed to accurately measure airflow through a variety of materials. We deliver testers with an integrated microcomputer to ensure faster test results and greater productivity. They are suitable for a wide range of applications. These machines also have automatic sample handling and an adjustable nozzle to handle a variety of materials. Our testers can function under a variety of pressure circumstances, ensuring precise and consistent results.

Air Permeability Tester LFAP-A10

Air Permeability Tester LFAP-A10

Measurable Permeability : 1 to 10000 mm/s

Sample Pressure Range : 1 to 4000 Pa

Measurement Error : ≤ ± 2 %

Sample Thickness : ≤12 mm

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Air Permeability Tester

Air Permeability Tester FAQ's
  • The rate at which air moves through a particular material under particular circumstances can be measured with an advanced device called an air permeability tester. It measures the airflow in terms of air permeability, which is commonly defined as the amount of air that moves through a certain part of the material in a particular amount of time.

  • To measure an item's air permeability, it measures the rate of airflow and how much pressure decreases after forcing air through a sample of the material.

  • The elements including density, material thickness, temperature, humidity, and calibration of test equipment may affect the outcomes of the air permeability test.

  • When measuring air permeability, one can use cubic feet per minute per square foot (CFM/ft2) or cubic centimeters per second per square centimeter (cm³/s/cm²).

  • To guarantee accurate results, regular calibration is advised. This should usually be done once a year, though it may need to be done more regularly based on usage and manufacturer recommendations.

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Air Permeability Tester :
Air Permeability Tester LFAP-A10, and more.

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