Anaerobic Jar LAJ-A12

Anaerobic Jar LAJ-A12

Anaerobic Jar LAJ-A12 with 3.5 L capacity has PMMA transparent, smooth surface jar design. High quality O-ring is used to make tight sealing between jar and lid. Adopted with quick snap-shut coupling, enables quick connection to the system in a one soft move. The number of gas packs needed may vary in brands and pack size, required to create anaerobic condition in the jar.

Available Range :

Type : Hermetic type Type : Hermetic type Type : Hermetic type Type : Hermetic type Type : Hermetic type Type : Pumping type
Type Hermetic type
Capacity 3.5 L
Contents 1 stack of 18 dishes (90 to 100 mm diameter)
Petri dish holder 15/25 R
No of Gas packs 2-3 no.
Time taken 2 to 4 hours (to attain anaerobic condition)
Material PMMA material
Clamp Colored stainless steel clamp
Quick snap-shut coupling Yes
Packaging dimension (L×W×H) 245 × 215 × 495 mm
Gross weight 3.0 kg
HS Code 3926909090
  • 3.5 L Capacity
  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Transparent jar and lid
  • Strong Jar-lid clamp construction
  • High quality airtight performance
  • Colorless, durable stainless steel clamp
  • Use of alcohol to clean the jar

Used in anaerobic incubation of bacterial cultures for research and testing across microbiology, biotechnology, pathology, virology and other fields.

Accessories no. Name
1 Anaerobic Jar
2 Jar Lid
3 Culture Plate Holder
4 Clamp