Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer LAFS-A10

Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer LAFS-A10

Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer LAFS-A10 is a microprocessor controlled double-channel, non-dispersive unit used for trace element composition, ultra-trace analysis of Mercury and all other hydride-forming elements. Pre adjusted referral optical plane to coincide atomizer center with optical focus. Equipped with a feature of real time conversion of data into graph.

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Beam Configuration Dual Channel
Elements ( Measuring Range )
As, Se, Pb, Bi, Sb, Te, Sn< 0.01 µg/L
Hg, Cd< 0.001 µg/L
Zn< 1.0 µg/L
Ge< 0.1 µg/L
Precision ( RSD ) < 1.0
Linear range More than 3 orders of magnitude
Lamp Hollow cathode lamp
Power Supply 220 V
Dimension 1000 x 350 x 390 mm
Weight 70 Kg
  • Double channel detection for trace element analysis
  • Peak height and peak area integral detection method
  • High stability light source
  • High intensity hollow cathode lamps for high sensitivity and stability
  • Gas - liquid separator for improved repeatability of results
  • Double shielded quartz atomizer with automatic igniting argon – hydrogen flame
  • Stable gas flow
  • Automatic gas alarm pressure at critical point
  • USB communication for real time automatic detection

Used in analysis / detection of compound present in air of water, heavy metal detection, redirect photons , in various fields of geology, metallurgy, medicine, chemical industry, food inspection, water supply, waste water treatment and scientific research.

Auto injector AU-A10 is used with atomic fluorescence spectrometer for steady, quick and accurate auto injection. It has a configuration of around 120-position injectors with a volume of 10 ml.

Features :
  • Auto zero reset for the robotic arm
  • 3D robotic arm with 3D locating deviations within a range of 0.1 mm
  • Auto- identification of auto injector when software is turned on
  • 120-injector disc with 10 ml of standard tube ( array of 15 x 8 )
  • Zero reset cleaning position with minimum degree location of accumulation error
  • Short auto-injector location time ( X and Y axis move at the same time )
  • No injection drip
  • Stable, fast and accurate low noise operation
  • UV on-line digestion device upgradation available

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Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer : Labtron Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer are engineered for precise trace element analysis and ultra-trace detection of hydride-forming elements. They incorporate a high-stability and high-intensity light source, ensuring sensitivity and stability in measurements. Their gas-liquid separator enhances result repeatability. They offer options for single-channel or dual-channel detection technology. Our Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer has USB communication for data conversion to graphical formats, enabling efficient analysis and reporting.
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