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Automated Cell Counter

Labtron's automated cell counter utilizes advanced imaging technology, and delivers precise and reliable cell counts, ensuring consistent results even for the smallest cell sizes. It is thoroughly tested and evaluated to meet industry standards. Experience quick results with its high-speed counting capabilities that process samples in seconds and save valuable research time. Automated cell counters are widely applied across biomedical research, clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical development, biotechnology, stem cell research, food and beverage industry, veterinary medicine, and environmental sciences.

LACR-A10 Automated Cell Counter LACR-A10

Amplification factor : 2.5 × 5 Megapixel

Focusing Method : Manual focusing and autofocusing

Cell Counting area : 2.15 mm × 1.62 mm

Cell Types determined : Cell lines, stem cells, primary cells, pollens, beer yeast

LACR-B10 Automated Cell Counter LACR-B10

Sample Volume : 10 µl

Cell Counting Time : 30 seconds

Cell Concentration Range : 5×104 to 1×107 cells/mL

Cell Size Range : Detectable Range: 1 - 90 µmOptimal Range: 5 - 60 µm

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Automated Cell Counter

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