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Automatic Thermogravimetric Analyzer LTGA-A11

Automatic Thermogravimetric Analyzer LTGA-A11

Automatic Thermogravimetric Analyzer LTGA-A11 offers a broad temperature range capability, ranging from Room temperature to 1600℃. It can accommodate diverse sample types and thermal processes. Consists of a built-in gas flow meter, including two-way gas switching and flow rate control. Integrates intelligent software that can automatically record the TG curve for data processing and print experimental reports.

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Temperature Range Room temperature to 1600℃
Temperature Resolution 0.01℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.1℃
Heating Rate 0.1 to 100℃/min
Cooling Rate 1 to 20℃/min
Temperature Control Method Heating, Constant Temperature, Cooling
Cooling Time 15min (1000℃…100℃)
Balance Measuring Range 1mg to 2g
Resolution 0.01μg
DSC Range 0 to ±500mW
DSC Resolution 0.01mW
Constant Temperature Time 0 to 300min arbitrarily set
Display Mode large-screen LCD
Atmosphere Inert, Oxidizing, Reducing, Static, Dynamic
Data Interface Standard USB interface
Power Supply AC220V 50H
Dimension 620 × 520 × 850 mm
Net Weight 86 Kg
Gross Weight 89 Kg
  • Metal nickel-cadmium alloy furnace body and tray sensor
  • Quick and stable control system
  • Circulating heat dissipation components
  • Top-opening structure for easy operation
  • Water area constant temperature device
  • Replaceable furnace body

Enhanced performance with a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor
Features a 24-bit four-channel sampling AD for collecting DSC, TG, and temperature signals
Independent control over power supply and water circulation via an 8-bit microcontroller
Utilizes USB two-way communication for remote operation and parameter adjustments
7-inch full-color touch screen for enhanced user experience, including TG calibration

Automatic Thermogravimetric Analyzer is used in the analysis of material properties through thermal decomposition and mass changes. Applied in various fields such as materials science, chemistry, and pharmaceuticals.

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