Benchtop Ball Mill LBBM-A11

Benchtop Ball Mill LBBM-A11

Benchtop Ball Mill LBBM-A11 can operate at speeds ranging from 70 to 80 rpm. It consists of a single pot with a roller measuring Φ 60 × 300 mm. With its effective grinding capabilities, it ensures dependable results across different materials and particle sizes. Facilitated by a dial knob for speed control. Made-up of steel plate with a powder-coated finish, for added protection, ensuring durability. It allows for precise adjustment of milling parameters, guaranteeing accuracy and consistent outcomes.

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Speed Range 70 to 80 rpm
Pot and Step Single pot
Roller Size Φ 60 × 300 mm
Mill Method Roll milling type method
Speed Controller Dial knob control
Motor ½ Hp
Jar 1 EA
Roller Material Rubber
Body Material Steel plate with powder coated finish
Power AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase
Dimension 530 × 350 × 450 mm
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Versatile for various materials
  • Durable construction
  • Integrated with safety provisions
  • Low noise

Benchtop Ball Mill is used in electronic, magnetic, biological, ceramic, metal, and mineral materials across industries and research institutes for grinding or blending.

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Benchtop Ball Mill LBBM-A11 FAQ's
  • Our LBBM-A11 Benchtop Ball Mill employs a roll milling technique that works well for grinding and combining various materials.

  • Our LBBM-A11 Benchtop Ball Mill is very adaptable and can process a wide range of materials and particle sizes with consistent results. This makes it ideal for use in blending or milling applications.

  • Safety features are built into the Benchtop Ball Mill LBBM-A11 to assure user safety while in use. Its minimally disruptive functioning is made possible by these features, which make it secure and easy to use in a variety of situations.

  • A benchtop ball mill is a multifunctional and effective laboratory apparatus that may be utilized for a wide range of material crushing, blending, and combining applications. It is widely utilized in research labs, educational institutions, and enterprises for a variety of purposes and is built to handle small to medium-sized batches of materials.

  • A benchtop ball mill's main parts include the grinding medium, container, rotation mechanism, speed control, dry and wet milling modes, safety features, and an intuitive design. These elements cooperate to make material blending, mixing, and grinding effective.

  • A benchtop ball mill's main purpose is to grind and combine materials into smaller sizes. It is extensively utilized in research labs, academic institutions, and businesses for a variety of purposes and is built to handle small to medium-sized batches of materials.

  • To guarantee safe operation in laboratory settings, benchtop ball mills come with several safety features. To avoid mishaps and guarantee user safety throughout the milling process, these features could include protective covers, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks.

  • Benchtop ball mills are used in many different industries and research domains, such as the semiconductor and electronics industries, magnetic materials research, biological and pharmaceutical industries, ceramic and glass manufacturing, metal and mineral grinding, and the formation of nanomaterials.

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Benchtop Ball Mill : Labtron Benchtop Ball Mill Machine offers effective grinding solutions for variable materials and particle sizes. We ensure precise adjustment of milling parameters with dependable results. These are designed to maintain low noise with safety provisions. They are constructed with durable steel plates and a powder-coated finish that guarantees longevity and protection. Our Benchtop Ball Mill Machines are compact, portable and easy to operate.
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