Benchtop Refractometer LBR-A10

Benchtop Refractometer LBR-A10

Benchtop refractometer LBR-A10 is an automated unit with high performance linear CCD photosensitive components. Adopts high precision signal collection and analysis technology. Equipped with a sapphire prism for precise refraction and TFT colour touch screen. It measures the refractive index and determines the sugar content of various liquids.

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Measuring range 1.3000 nD ~ 1.7000 nD
Brix range 0.0 ~ 100 %
Temperature control RT
Temperature control stability RT
Brix accuracy ± 0.1 %
Fine degrees ± 0.0002
Data interface USB RS232
Wavelength 589 nm
Power 220 V / 50 Hz
  • LED light source
  • Stainless steel sample pool
  • 7 inch TFT colour touch screen
  • High resolution CCD sensor for signal collection

Used in measuring sugar content of solutions in laboratories, brewing and food industry, chemical industry, research institutes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic industry, petroleum industry, etc.

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Benchtop Refractometer : Labtron Benchtop Refractometer offers a broad measuring range for refractive indices and Brix values. They incorporate high-performance linear CCD photosensitive components. These refractometer excels in measuring both refractive index and sugar content in various liquids. They utilize advanced signal collection and analysis technology. Our Portable Refractometer comes with a built-in semiconductor for precise temperature control, ensuring stability across a wide range of temperatures.
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