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Angular Spectrometer LASM-A10


Angular Spectrometer LASM-A10 is a tabletop unit, offers angle measurement accuracy of 1 inch and diopter compensation range of ≥ ± 5 diopters. Incorporated with two verniers at the opposite edges, to remove errors induced by the off center errors of the divided circle and thrusting bearing under the divided circle for smooth rotation. Equipped with magnifier with handle, optical parallel plate and planar holographic grating. Built in with adjustable dioptre, moveable telescopes eyepiece and adjustable stage.

Features :

  • Highly efficient and safe with complete functions
  • Easy to clean, corrosion resistant, stainless steel lining
  • Compact and space saving design
  • Easy to use, operate and less maintenance
  • Built in with fine adjusting knob of telescope, collimator unit and brake mount
Specifications :
Angle Measurement Accuracy 1inch
Optical Parameter
Focal LengthEffective ApertureField of ViewFocal Length of Telescope’s EyepieceMaximum Length Between Collimator and TelescopeSlit WidthDiopter Compensation Range
170 mmΦ 22 mm3° 22inch24.3 mm120 mm0.02 to 2 mm≥ ± 5 diopters
Divided Circle
DiameterCircle GraduationDivisionVernier Reading Value
Φ178 mm0° to 360°0.5°1inch
DiameterRotating RangeRange of Vertical Adjustment
Φ70 mm360°20 mm
Prism AngleTransformerPlanar Holographic Grating
60° ± 5inch6.3 Ⅴ/220 Ⅴ (3 ⅤA)300/ mm
Dimensions (W×D×H) 251×518×250 mm
Net Weight 11.8 kg
Applications :

Angular Spectrometer is widely used for angular measurements based on polarization, diffraction, refraction and interference. It is commonly used in color measurements, concentration determination of chemical components and electromagnetic radiation analysis.

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