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Automatic Ultra Sonic Homogenizer LUSL-A10


Automatic Ultra Sonic Homogenizer LUSL-A10 is a floor type homogenizer with titanium alloy horn, two layered tank, 370 W vacuum pump. Equipped with flowmeter to measure liquid volume. Cooling water control system helps in maintaining temperature during sonication. With accelerated solvent penetration in presence of active ingredients/materials, it is used in Nano material preparation, cell disruption and lysis, emulsification and homogenization.

Features :

  • Reduced installation, operation and maintainenace cost
  • Acrylic glass observation window
  • LCD Display shows ultrasonic generator values
  • LED display shows temperature values
  • Tank, pipeline, valve made using SS 304
  • Start (Ultrasonic, Pump, Cooling system), Power On/Off knobs at Top for ease
  • 1 m3/ h maximum flow rate of vacuum pump
  • Alarm for ultrasonic system, displayed on LCD screen
  • Alarms when temperature is out of control
  • Different types (diameter) horn as per the requirements
  • CE certified
Specifications :
Frequency 20 kHz
Effective volume 10 L
Maximum Power 1 kW
Liquid flow rate 25 to 250 l/h
pH range 4 to 11 pH
Maximum viscosity ≤ 8 l/ min
Dispersion particle diameter ≥ 0.6 pl
Applicable media Volatile or non-volatile
Material Horn titanium+ stainless steel mechanical part+ Visual cabinet glass
Temperature control Controllable
Cooling system Water cooled reactor + thermostat
Rated current 10 (A)
Working amplitude 50 µm
Adjustable amplitude range 50 to 100 %
Power supply 220/ 240/ 380 V, 50/ 60 Hz
Dimension 1200 × 1000 × 800 mm
Net weight 160 kg
Gross weight 200 kg
HS code 8479820090
Applications :

Used for industrial as well as laboratory applications across Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Tissue culture industries for Nano-material preparation, cell disruption, and emulsification purpose.

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