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Bacti Cinerator Loop Sterilizer LBCS-A11


Bacti Cinerator Loop Sterilizer LBCS-A11 is designed with safety and efficiency for sterilizing inoculation loop that work within 5 to 7 seconds, facilitated by maintaining an optimum temperature up to 825 °C. Outfitted with a thermostatic control system that precisely adjusts the ceramic heating element's temperature. Incorporating with safety feature to prevent overheating and maintain operational integrity.

Features :

  • Configured with IR heat based instant sterilization
  • Improved with ceramic funnel to prevents infectious spatter and cross contamination
  • Cost-effective maintenance with safety and sanitation
  • Hygienic cleaning with effortless handling
  • Convenient for anaerobic and aerobic chambers
  • Upgraded with automatic shutdown to prevent protection against temperature deviation
Specifications :
Temperature Range 825°C ± 50° C
Holding Temperature 480 °C
Maximum Sample Diameter Ø 35 mm
Angle 21 °
Length 100 mm
Power 400 W
Dimension (W×D×H) 105 × 140 × 200 mm
Weight 1.4 Kg
Applications :

It is used for quality control, research, and the sterilization of borosilicate glass equipment, needles, glass tube/pipette openings, different metals, and platinum inoculating loops.

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