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Double Beam Balance LDBB-A10


Double Beam Balance LDBB-A10 is a mechanical double beam balance scale machine with durable aluminum alloy construction, stainless steel platform. Offers classic design with two pans, beams with sliding weights, magnetic damping design with safe and environment friendly operations. Built-in magnetic dampening allows the pointer to stop with a minimum of swings for quicker results. Doesn’t require any battery to operate and it is easy to use.

Features :

  • Manual measurement method
  • Big capacity up to 2000g
  • High precision of 0.1g division
  • Agate bearings and precision knife edges for accurate and repeatable results
  • Quick and accurate weighing
  • Material of weights: Iron
  • Material of tweezers: Plastic
Specifications :
Capacity 2000 g
Division 0.1 g
First Rod 10 × 0.1g
Second Rod 200 × 10g
Pan 150 mm (stainless iron)
Weights 1kg, 500g, 200g, 100g
Net Weight 2.1 kg
Gross Weight 5 kg
Dimension 350× 240×170 mm
Packing dimension 490 × 430 × 580 mm (by carton)
Applications :

It finds commercial as well as personal use application across food industry, agriculture, textiles, scientific research institutions, electronics, mines, medical industry, universities and colleges, etc.

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