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Differential Scanning Calorimeter LDSC-A10


Differential Scanning Calorimeter LDSC-A10 has heat flow ranges from 0 to ± 600mW for precise quantitative analysis of energy changes in processes. Our calorimeter utilizes multiple thermocouple sets to precisely measure temperature differences between the sample and reference materials. It is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen that enhances the user interface and provides real-time monitoring of key parameters.

Features :

  • Equipped with software for easy operation
  • Extremely sensitive and accurate
  • Automated switch between two atmospheric flows
  • Quick switch and rapid stabilization
  • USB communication interface
  • Enhanced with technical indicators
Specifications :
Dynamic Heat Flow Range (DSC Range) 0 to ± 600mW
Temperature Range RT to 600℃
Heating Rate 0.1 to 100℃/min
Temperature Resolution 0.001℃
Temperature Fluctuation ± 0.001℃
Temperature Repeatability ± 0.01℃
Heat Flow Resolution 0.01mW
Heat Flow Sensitivity 0.001mW
Temperature Control Method Heating, constant temperature, cooling down (Fully automatic program control)
Incubation Time Program setting ≤ 24h
Atmosphere Control Gas Nitrogen, Oxygen
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz
Gas Flow 0 to 300mL/min
Gas Pressure 0.2MPa
Parameter Standard Equipped with reference materials (indium, tin)
Cooling Device Air cooling device
Optional semiconductor (-40 to 550℃)
Liquid nitrogen refrigeration (-150 to 550℃)
Display Mode 24bit color, 7-inch LCD touchscreen display
Data Interface Standard USB
Dimension (L×W×H) 488 × 428× 237cm 
Weight 28kg
Applications :

Differential Scanning Calorimeter studies the thermal properties of materials and is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food science, material science, environmental science, polymerization studies, and adhesive and coating analysis.

Standard Accessories :

Host: 1

U disk: 1
Data line: 2
Power cord: 1
The Aluminum Crucible: 200
Metal cover: 2
Raw adhesive tape: 1
Pure tin grains: 1 Bag
10A Fuses: 5
Sample spoon/sample bar/ tweezers: One for each one
Clean ball: 1
Air pipe: 2
Instructions: 1
Warranty form: 1
Certificate of Qualification: 1

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