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Emcor Rust Tester LERT-A10
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Emcor Rust Tester LERT-A10 |


Emcor Rust Tester LERT-A10 is a fully innovative and heat-insulated tester designed to assess the efficiency of lubricating greases to prevent bearing against corrosion in the presence of water. Configured with AC motor drive that works at a maximum rotational speed range between 80 to 85 r/min to ensure convenient operation. User-friendly digital display that allows real-time monitoring of working parameters for fast and intuitive operation.

Features :
  • Responsive and easy to view all working parameters on a digital display
  • Improved with a plastic bearing seat to prevent corrosion of other metal during experimental operation
  • Integrated with high torque motor drive stimulate without hindrance
  • Upgraded with mirror observation bearing without magnification function to ensure safe and reliable operation
  • Supplied with fixed and dynamic tests provide worry-free operation for better working condition
  • Equipped with 8 working units for a convenient grease testing process
  • Employed with safety features that include automatic shut-off once the operation is completed
  • Structured with high-quality stainless steel ensures safety and long-term usability
  • Tool-free cleaning with safety and sanitation
  • Cost-effective and affordable maintenance
  • Simple handling with high reliability and sustainability
Specifications :
Rotational Speed 80 to 85 r/min
Rotational Mode AC Motor Drive
Timing Method Digital Timer
Power Supply 220 V,50 Hz
Power Consumption 600 W
Dimension 1420 × 320 × 240 mm
Weight 46 Kg
Applications :

It is widely used in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and research institutes to determine the resistance of materials to corrosion under certain environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and salt water.


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