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Fixed Volume Pipette LVP-110


Fixed Volume Pipette LVP-110 ensures exact and consistent liquid handling. With a 2000 µL test volume, this pipette withstands autoclaving at 121℃, making it highly suitable for sterile applications. Engineered to consistently deliver a predetermined volume without requiring adjustments, it guarantees accuracy and consistency in liquid transfers.

Features :

  • Constructed from durable polycarbonate material
  • Lightweight handle design
  • Requires minimal effort for calibration and maintenance
  • Features an easily readable volume display
  • Tolerate high-temperature disinfection
  • Spacious display facilitates effortless volume identification
  • Exhibits superior durability and resistance to various chemicals
Specifications :
Test Volume 2000 µl
Accuracy Error 0.01
Precision Error 0.005
Applications :

Fixed-volume pipettes are ideal for sterile applications in research, pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostics, and other scientific fields.

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