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Flammability Tester LFLC-A12


Flammability Tester LFLC-A12 is a horizontal and vertical flame chamber with PLC touch screen control panel. Features adjustable burning time and gas flow with automatic / manual, vertical / horizontal switching. Equipped with a burner as per ASTM D5025 with simple angle adjustment (0°, 20°, and 45°) and precision gas control system including gas flow meter, pressure regulator and pressure gauge. It is suitable for determining the flammability properties such as burning rate, flame spread speed, burning intensity and flammability resistance of products.

Features :

  • PLC touch screen control system
  • Ignition source: Bunsen burner as per ASTM D5025
  • Rotor flow meter for adjusting burning gas flow
  • Equipped with gas suction device to remove waste gas
  • Specific methane gas flow meter for adjusting gas stream
  • Large window for observing burning state
  • Wingtip burner as per ASTM D4986
  • Burner calibration system as per ASTM D5207
  • Smoke exhausting fan as exhaust system
  • High accuracy pressure regulating valve provides required gas pressure
Specifications :
Control system PLC touch screen display
Burner height 110 mm
Burner internal diameter 9.8 mm
Flame angle 0°, 20° and 40° (adjustable)
Flame height 20 to 125 mm
Gas supply Methane gas
Gas flowmeter 0 to 1000 ml/min (adjustable)
Gas pressure 0 to 3 kPa (adjustable)
Burn time 0 to 99.99 s (adjustable)
Cabinet capacity ≥ 0.55 cubic meter with glass watch door
Interior lamp source Not applicable
After flame time 0.1 s to 99.99 s (adjustable)
Sample vertical moving distance 0 to 280 mm
Sample horizontal moving distance 0 to 420 mm
Test precision 0.01 s
Internal dimension (W × D × H) 1050 × 900 × 1500 mm
External dimension (W × D × H) 1150 × 970× 1600 mm
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Net weight 135 kg
Gross weight 157 kg
Applications :

Used to evaluate ignition resistance properties of component parts, apparatus materials and instruments.

Standard Accessories :

Accessories no. Accessories name Units
1 HB Sample holder with support 1 pcs
2 HB Sample holder without support 1 pcs
3 Vertical sample holder 1 pcs
4 Plate vertical sample holder 1 pcs

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