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Fluorometer LFFM-A10 is the next generation of benchtop dual-channel Fluorometer, features 365 ± 20 nm and 460 ± 20 nm excitation filter and measures dsDNA concentration with high sensitivity lower DNA detection limit of 0.5 ng/ul. It offers UV and blue channel fluorescence to measure fluorescence intensity of fluorescent reagent that combines with target molecule to read concentration of sample. Designed to accurately detect high-sensitive fluorescence while quantifying DNA, RNA, and protein.

Features :

  • Designed with 4.3 inch touch screen, small and easy to use
  • Easy measurement within 3 sec for DNA, RNA, and protein
  • High sensitivity lowest DNA detection limit is 0.5 pg/ul
  • Linear dynamic range with five orders of magnitude
  • Equipped with two fluorescence channels for nucleic acid, protein quantitation in one detection
  • Offers opening system
  • Adopts PCR tube adapter
  • It can save at most 1,000 data and output data by USB port
Specifications :
Dynamic range Five orders of magnitude
Linear dynamic range R2 >0.995
Processing time 3s (Once)
Light source UV LED Blue LED
Excitation filters 365 ± 20 nm 460 ± 20 nm
Emission filters 420 to 480 nm (60 nm) 525 to 570 nm (45 nm)
Detector Photodiode
Repeatability <1.5 %
Stability <1.5 %
Sensitivity ds DNA: 0.5 ng/ml
Dimension 194 × 155 × 72.5 mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Applications :

Fluorometer is used for processing scarce and difficult samples, for low quantity of DNA, RNA, or protein after extraction, also, in expensive experiments: q PCR, PCR cloning, transfection, the next generation sequencing and etc. Applied for Nucleic acid quantification, Plant GUS reporter gene detection, Apoptosis detection.

Standard Accessories :

Accessories no.Name
1Adapter for 0.5ml qPCR tube

Optional Accessories :

Accessories no.Name
1Adapter for 0.2ml qPCR tube

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