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High Temperature Oil Bath LHOB-A26
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High Temperature Oil Bath LHOB-A26 |


High Temperature Oil Bath LHOB-A26 is a highly versatile oil bath designed to maintain a constant and controlled temperature environment for drying, concentrating, and distilling chemical reagents, and biological products. Equipped with a chamber capacity of 50L which can hold a heavy load of samples. Enhanced with a robust outer housing containing a heat transfer fluid, typically a silicone-based oil.

Features :
  • Precision-engineered design for efficient work experience
  • Equipped with a built-in controller for ensuring accurate temperature
  • Constructed with high-quality 304L stainless steel material ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance
  • The outer surface is sprayed with a steel plate with superior corrosion-resistant ability
  • Enhanced with a user-friendly interface like a digital display for temperature read-outs
  • Supplied with an automatic temperature control system for accurate and quick results
Specifications :
Chamber Capacity 50L
Power Consumption 1800W
Leakage Switch 20A
Temperature Range 37℃ to 300℃
Temperature Resolution ≤ 0.1℃
Temperature Precision ≤± 1℃
Temperature Uniformity ± 0.1 °C
Temperature Fluctuation ± 0.1 °C
Flow Rate ≥ 8 L/min
Circulation Method Internal/External
Display LED
Voltage AC 120 V, 50 Hz
Dimension 60×53×103 cm
Weight 80 kg
Applications :

It is an essential instrument utilized in biological, genetic, viral, aquatic, environmental protection, medical, healthcare, biochemical laboratories, analytical facilities, educational institutions, and scientific research for monitoring constant temperature.


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