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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine LHPT-B10


Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine LHPT-B10 tests the integrity and strength of materials under pressure of 1kPa to 500kPa. It offers a wide range of pressurization rates with step-less adjustment. Includes dynamic feedback adjustment that prevents pressure overshoot. Provided with a pneumatic clamp that ensures even stress distribution and prevents sample damage. Shows automatic identification and shutdown function in case of sample rupture.

Features :

  • Touchscreen control with dual language menus
  • Man-machine dialogue mode for easy operation
  • Built-in thermal printer for quick onsite printing
  • Servo motor drive system with microcomputer control
  • High-precision pressure sensor
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Built-in LED lighting for observing water droplets
  • Host touch screen or desktop computer control
Specifications :
Measurement Range 1kPa to 500kPa
Measurement Accuracy 0.2% F. S
Pressure Display Resolution 0.01kPa
Sensor Test Accuracy ≤ 1% (5% to 100% within the full-scale range of a single sensor)
Specimen Grip Area 7.8cm² (optional)
Experimental Area 100cm²
Pressurization Rate 1kPa to 100kPa/min
Working Mode Pressurization Method, Constant Pressure Timing, Constant Pressure Timing, Water Seepage and Leakage, Deflection Test
Display Mode color screen
Printer thermal micro printer
Sensor Protection Overload self-protection
Testing Unit pa, Kpa, cmH2O, mmHg
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz 500W
Dimensions 500 × 440 × 680 mm
Weight 70kg
Applications :

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine is used to test the waterproof properties of the fabric, Such as canvas, medical non-woven material, coated fabric, geosynthetic materials, cloth, tent cloth, tarpaulin, and rainproof clothing fabric.

Standard Accessories :

Accessories Name Quantity
Mainframe 1 piece
Manual 1 piece
Quality Certificate 1 piece
English operation software 1 piece
Cable connection with PC 1 piece
Calibration plate 1 piece
Rubber ring 1 piece
Plastic pipe 1 piece
Remote switch 1 piece
Beaker 1 piece
Funnel 1 piece

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