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Laminar Flow Canopy LLFC-A10


Laminar Flow Canopy LLFC-A10 is designed to provide a clean local environment over critical processes and products, without any extra expense of converting the whole cleanroom to a higher standard. Basically it consists of pre-filter, fans, variable speed controllers, HEPA filters and lights. The cabinets can be self-supporting, mobile or mounted on the celling or bench. Mobile units are fixed to steel frames which are fitted with castors and are normally enclosed using PVC overlapping curtains. Other options include side screens, back panels, power points, gas points, freestanding tables.

Features :

  • Canopy consist of housing, pre-filter, fans, variable speed controllers
  • HEPA filters and lights
  • Cabinets can be self-supporting, mobile or mounted on the ceiling or bench
  • Air flows in a vertical direction
  • Cleaning level; grade 100
Specifications :
Air supply Vertical
Cleaning level Grade 100
Filter H14 HEPA filter
Number of bacteria ≤ 0.5 per utensil hour (90 mm utensil)
The average wind speed 0.37 to 0.4 m/s (speed can adjust)
Noise ≤ 3 µm (XYZ direction)
Overall size 1800×1800×500 mm
Applications :

Laminar Flow Canopy are important to maintain a secure environment during critical processes taking place in the cleanroom. Their uses includes; casings or enclosures for high-tech setups.

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