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Martindale Tester LMT-A10
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Martindale Tester LMT-A10 is an abrasion testing system widely used to determine the abrasion and pilling resistance of any textile material. Easy-to-remove sample holders due to distinctive and practical design. Comes with an individual counter and a parking function for quick sample access. It features a large colour touch-screen display with customizable time interval settings.

Features :
  • The smooth, lightweight motion plates and solid base feet are designed to enhance the ease of use and reliability
  • Equipped with a large colour touch-screen display with an easy-to-use interface
  • Offers adjustable time settings for convenience
  • Ergonomically designed for effortless sample removal
  • Standard sample holders for legitimate examination
  • 9 kPa and 12 kPa weights for standard abrasion testing
  • A larger base is also available in 4, 6, 8 & and 9 head positions
    Designed to produce accurate, reproducible and reliable results each time
Specifications :
Driver system Programmable PLC system with large Colour touch-screen
Test speed Adjustable
Abrasion Test
Max. stroke of movementWeight of Holder and Spindle
60.5 ± 0.5mm200 ± 1g
Pilling Test
Max. stroke of movementWeight of Holder and Spindle
24 ± 0.5mm155 ± 1g
Applications :

Martindale Tester can be used for fabric abrasion, fabric pilling, leather, wool or edges testing and other specialized testing for manufacturing textiles, paper, plastic or other materials especially in outdoor sports and the military.

Standard Accessories :

Accessories name Specifications
Abrasion Test Table specimen mounting Weight 2.5 ± 0.5kg, 1 pc
Abrasion tester holder Diameter - 38 mm, Set of 4
Small loading Weight 395 ± 7 amount to holder etc, Set of 4
Large loading Weight 595 ± 7g amount to holder etc, Set of 4
Pilling Test Linear adaptor
Sample Retaining Rings Set of 4
Pilling test holder Diameter - 90mm, Set of 4
Loading Weight 260 ± 1g, Set of 4
Auxiliary device For specimen mounting

Optional Accessories :

Accessories name Specifications
Test Specimen Cutter (² with cutting mat and spare blades) 38 mm diameter/12cm²
Abradent Fabric & Backing Felt Cutter (with cutting mat and spare blades) 140 mm diameter/154cm2
Standard Wool Abradent Fabric SM25 (W×L) 1.6 m × 5 m
Standard Backing Foam (W×L) 1.5 m × 0.5 m
Standard Backing Wool Felt Piece (woven) (W×L) 1m × 1.5m
EMPA Photographic Standards for Pilling Test (W×L) 3 x 4 knitted
EMPA Photographic Standards for Pilling Test (W×L) 3 x 4 woven
SM 50 Photographs for Pilling Test IWS + ASTM

Work Head Specifications :




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