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Microplate Reader LMPR-B10
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Microplate Reader LMPR-B10 quantify chemical, physical, and biological reactions and analytes within the well of a microplate with wavelength accuracy of ± 1.0 nm. Tests like End Point Method ELISA/EIA, MTT (IC50/LD50) analysis, Cell Proliferation and Cytotoxicity, Bacterial Concentration, Protease, Kinase, Phospholipase, NADH, GST, Endotoxin LAL Analysis, G Protein Coupled Receptor Detection, Reporting Gene Detection, and Total Antioxidant Capacity can all be performed using this. Equipped with kinetic analysis mode and sample detection detector and reference detector for precise measurements. Designed with USB data interface to facilitate instrument control and data transmission.

Features :
  • Used as a UV-VIS spectrophotometer if it has a cuvette light path
  • Supports UV absorption, Bradford, Lowry, and other methods, and is appropriate for protein quantitative analysis
  • Capability to recognize any 96-well microplate, including UV-transmissive microplates
  • Built-in grating monochromator with a 190-1000 nm wavelength range
  • Wavelength repeatability can be as high as 0.2 nm, and precision can be as high as 1 nm
  • Its detection capabilities include single wavelength, dual wavelength, and full wavelength
  • ELISA/kinetic enzymatic analysis in kinetic analysis mode
  • Temperature control incubation mechanism for tolerating high temperature
  • No extra shaker is necessary with the microplate oscillation mixing function
  • Steady illumination with an extended life span using a flashing xenon lamp source
  • Equipment's calibration can be done using the specific light absorption detecting board
  • Microplate analysis workstation has robust data analysis software
  • Audit trail feature to aid with data management and tracing
  • With sample and operator management features for instrument operation
  • Highly automated tool with the ability to configure instrument parameters and do instrument self-tests
  • For easier instrument control and data transmission, USB data interface is provided
  • Software complies with IQ/OQ/PQ and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 certification
  • Appropriate to pharmaceutical plant analysis and in accordance with GMP/GLP regulations
Specifications :
Wavelength range 190 nm to 900 nm
Wavelength accuracy ±1.0 nm
Wavelength repeatability ˂ 0.2 nm
Resolution 0.001 Abs
Display Value 0.000001 Abs
Measurement range 0 to 15.0 OD
Layout mode Visual free layout
Incubation temperature Room Temperature to 65˚C
Microplate type Standard 96-well microliter plate
Display 9-inch display
Dimension 52 × 38 × 29 cm
Packing Dimension 66 × 53 × 63 cm
Net weight 18 kg
Gross weight 35 kg
Applications :

Microplate Reader is widely used for protein quantitative analysis, support UV absorption, Bradford, Lowry tests in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and drug discovery and genomics & proteomics research.


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