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Microwave Digestion System LMWD-A13


Microwave Digestion System LMWD-A13 has a fully enclosed high-pressure digestion technology for improved recovery rates. Outer vessel is made of high-strength aerospace composite fiber. It provides both mechanical strength and anti-corrosion ability. The system has a safety bolt design for quantitative and safe pressure relief. Optical fiber and IR temperature measurement system ensures precise temperature regulation.

Features :

  • LCD touchscreen displays digestion status
  • Real time display of technical parameters
  • Supports microwave digestion, extraction and synthesis
  • Can be equipped with organic solvent leakage sensor
  • Cloud service function guarantees unlimited data storage
  • High durability with better flexibility
Specifications :
Vessel Quantity 6 (Batch capacity can extend up to 8 vessels)
Temperature Monitoring System Full vessel IR temperature control system
Working conditions 0 to 40 °C, 15 to 80% RH
Temperature Controlling Range - 40 to 305 °C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.1 ℃
Pressure Monitoring System High-precision semiconductor pressure sensor
Pressure Controlling Range 0 to 15 MPa
Pressure Accuracy ±0.01 MPa
Vessel Volume 100 ml
Designed temperature of vessel 300 °C
Designed pressure of vessel 15 MPa
Sample Vessel Material Imported TFM
Protection Vessel Material Aerospace composite fiber
Rotor frame type Single frame type
Display 7-inch LCD Touch Screen
Microwave Tank 316 L stainless steel tank with multi-layer corrosion-resistant Teflon
Air Exhaust High-power corrosion-resistant turbo fan
Passive protection system COT real-time abnormality monitoring system
Communication USB and internet
Power supply AC 220V to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 20 A
Maximum output power 1000 W
Power 1800 W
Dimension (W × D × H) 480 × 560 × 575 mm
Weight 45 kg
Applications :

Microwave Digestion System is ideal for heavy metal analysis, organic pollutant extraction, and material synthesis across industries such as environmental testing laboratories, pharmaceutical research, chemical analysis, material synthesis, and quality control laboratories.

Optional Accessories :

Multi-core integrated optical fiber temperature control system

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