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Multi-Viewing Biological Microscope LMB-C10


Multi-Viewing Biological Microscope LMB-C10 has an infinite optical system to enhance contrast and resolution. It allows multiple people to observe the sample simultaneously. Biological microscope provides high-quality images, improving its reliability. LED pointer control enables the user to pinpoint specific areas on a sample.

Features :

  • Useful for controlling and analyzing polarized light
  • Phase contrast enhances the visibility of transparent or low-contrast specimens
  • Fluorescence enables the observation of fluorescent samples
  • Darkfield Illuminates the sample against a dark background
  • Various imaging capabilities to fulfill research requirements
  • LED pointer facilitates group observation and study of sample
  • User friendly multi-viewing biological Microscope
Specifications :
Viewing Head Compensation free trinocular head, inclined at 30°, 360° rotatable, diopter adjustment, interpupillary distance 48-75 mm (1 pcs)
Compensation free binocular head, inclined at 30°, 360° rotatable, diopter adjustment, interpupillary distance 48-75 mm (4 pcs)
Eyepiece Extra wide field eyepiece EW10 X/20 mm (10 pcs)
Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment, fine division 0.001 mm
Objective Infinite plan Achromatic objective 4x, 10x, 40x(s), 100x (s, oil)
Stage Double layer mechanical stage: 185×142 mm, Moving range: 75×55 mm
Filter Blue filter, Green filter
Condenser Swing Condenser
Illumination External illumination, Aspherical Collector, Halogen Lamp 24V/ 100W
Nosepiece Backward quintuple nosepiece
Pointer Green LED pointer, brightness adjustable
01 Box Dimension (W×D×H) 475 × 400 × 680 mm
02 Box dimension (W×D×H) 355 × 710 × 450 mm
01 Box weight 14.5 Kg
02 Gross weight 15.5 Kg
Applications :

Multi-Viewing Biological Microscope is suitable for various applications, including clinics, scientific research, and teaching demonstrations.

Optional Accessories :

Infinite plan objective 20 x

5W LED Illumination
Dual Color Pointer
Polarization Attachment
Turret phase contrast kit
Dark Field Attachment
Epi-fluorescent Attachment
C-Mount 1X, 0.5X

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