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Photocatalytic reactor LPR-A10


Photocatalytic reactor LPR-A10 is a microcomputer-controlled device having cooling water circulation device capacity greater than 1000 W and a temperature range of -20 ⁰C to 100 °C. It has stable operation and high efficiency for smooth operation of the reactor. Equipped with a powerful magnetic stirrer to ensure complete mixing of samples and exposure to the light. Designed with digital display controller to visualize and control the parameters precisely.

Features :

  • External thermostat to provide stable temperature environment for the experiment
  • Adjustable microcomputer controller for ease of operation
  • Ammeter and voltmeter for precise measurements
  • Provided with moving carts/pulleys for easy moving or fixing
  • Inner illuminated light source for even light distribution
  • Built-in temperature protection sensor to protect device from excessive temperature
  • Double-layer quartz cold trap to protect light source from excessive temperature
  • An eight-digit digital rotary magnetic stirrer to process 8 samples simultaneously
  • Magnetic stirrer rotates uniformly for even distribution of light to the sample
  • Digital display to control and visualize the parameters
Specifications :
Light source
Mercury lamp power adjustable rangeXenon lamp adjustable rangeMetal halide lamp adjustable range
100 to 1000 W100 to 1000 W100 to 500 W
Cooling water circulation device
>1000 W-20 ⁰C to 100 ⁰C10 L
Quartz test tube Volume: 30 mL, 50 mL (customized)
Applications :

Photocatalytic reactor LPR-A10 is widely used in educational institutes, research institute, food industries, agriculture, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Standard Accessories :

Digital display photochemical controller

Photochemical special water tank
Photochemical reaction obscura
Double layer quartz cold trap
Mercury lamp 1000
Xenon lamp 1000
Metal Halide 500
Rotary digital display eight position force stirring device

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