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Pipette Stand PPS100L


Pipette Stand PPS100L efficiently holds and organizes pipettes for flexible and smooth functioning of experiments. Easy access for the user to switch the pipettes and has a holding capacity of 5 pipettes at a time. Specialized compartmentalization of the stand reduces the risk of cross contamination. Designed with acrylic material to provide stability and support to pipettes.

Features :

  • 6-Positions to hold 6 pipettes in each insert hole in an organized manner
  • Individual slots for each pipettes prevents cross contamination
  • Made of lightweight and acrylic material
  • Upright storage to place pipette vertically which prevents backflow of the liquid
  • Makes pipettes easily accessible and lowers the possibility of damage or misplacing them
  • Adapts to various pipette types for user’s convenience
  • Compact design saves space on lab bench
Specifications :
Pipette Holding Capacity 6
Positions 6
Material Acrylic
Colour White
Design Vertical
Mobility Stationary
Dimensions 290 × 250 × 60 mm
Applications :

Pipette Stand is widely used to promote organization of pipettes across molecular biology, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceutical industries, food, research laboratories, academics etc.

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