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Semi-automatic Microtome LSAM-A10


Semi-automatic Microtome LSAM-A10 is a semi-automated unit with manual functionality for user convenience. Designed with built-in actuation system for precise tissue slicing, LCD display to show the slice and trimming thickness. Features a special sample retraction function preventing damage due to the abrasion between sample and the back of knife for smoother slicing, easy to dismantle waste bath dismantled, built-in safety alarm system alert the user for fault diagnosis.

Features :

  • LCD screen shows the slice and trimming thickness
  • Adopted with advanced imported actuation system, for more precise tissue slicing
  • Sample retraction for prevention of sample damage
  • Can lock hand wheel in any position
  • Easy to disassembled waste bath
  • Safety alarm to alert the user for fault diagnosis
Specifications :
Slice thickness range 0.5 µm to 100 µm (3 µm to 5 µm best slicing effect)
Trimming section range 1 µm to 600 µm
Horizontal specimen stroke 20 mm
Vertical specimen stroke 55 mm
Maximal slice section 50×45 mm
Specimen retraction 20 µm
Slip precision ± 5 %
Section thickness setting 0.5 to 5 µm, in 0.5 µm increment
5 to 20 µm, in 1 µm increment
20 to 60 µm, in 5 µm increment
60 to 100 µm, in 10 µm increment
Trimming thickness setting 1 to 10 µm, in 1 µm increment
10 to 20 µm, in 2 µm increment
20 to 50 µm, in 5 µm increment
50 to 100 µm, in 10 µm increment
100 to 600 µm, in 50 µm increment
Packing Dimension 680×560×480 mm
Gross Weight 50 kg
Applications :

Semi-automatic Microtome widely used for sectioning (slicing, trimming) of biological specimens across Histopathology, Medicine filed for research and analysis.

Standard Accessories :

Disposable Blade Holder 1 pc
Specimen Cassette 1 pc
Fuse (2A) 2 pcs
Power line 1 line
Hexagonal Wrench 1 set
Brush 1 pc

Optional Accessories :

Feather Microtome Blade

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