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Stainless Steel Water Distiller LSWD-A22


Water distiller LSWD-A22 is a single reservoir distillation unit with automatic flow-control. Stainless steel construction aids to produce germ-free distillate. Narrow piping connects heater column to heat exchanger for optimal distillate quality. Light switch indicator signifies the operating status of the unit. Branched valve control guides flow passage for safe use.

Features :

  • USP grade pyrogen-free distillate
  • Shunt valve regulates inlet and outlet flow
  • Gas/stench exhaustion vent
  • Corrosion-proof reservoir
  • Auto-cutoff water supply for exceeded water levels
  • Control valve for inlet water flow
Specifications :
Capacity 20 L/hr
Water consumption 1:10
Configuration Automated control
Water type Regular water
Power 380 V ; 4.5 kW
Triple phase
Dimensions 365 × 368 × 945 mm
Weight 10 kgs
Applications :

Used in laboratory, organic chemistry lab, fermentation and medical industry to produce industrial grade highly treated and distilled water suitable for laboratory usage.

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