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Stereo Microscope LSM-D10


Stereo Microscope LSM-D10 is a zoom stereo microscope, with 45° inclined binocular viewing head. With 4:5:1 zoom ratio, wide range zoom magnification of the specimen is observed in this microscope. Equipped with Built-in transformer with adjustable intensity for surface and sub stage illumination. Incorporated with bench stand, and a low-profile base for the ergonomics operations.

Features :

  • Zoom Objective 1x-4.5x
  • Wide Zoom Magnification range
  • Long working distance
  • LED illumination source
  • User-friendly operations
Specifications :
Viewing Head Binocular tube, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable, interpupillary distance 52-75mm
Eyepieces EW 20x/12 Wide field; (O 30 mm), with diopter
Objectives Zoom Objective 1x-4.5x
Zoom Magnification 10x-45x
Zoom ratio 4.5:1
Working distance 97mm
Illumination LED illumination, Incident and transmitted light to be used simultaneously
Banch Stand Low-profile base optimizes ergonomics for reduced operator fatigue.
Applications :

Used in minerology, gemology, electronic, zoology industry for quality inspection, testing, dissection purpose.

Optional Accessories :

Accessories No. Name
1 Eyepiece EW10X/ 20 mm
2 Binocular 60° viewing head, zoom objectives 0.7-3X, Zoom Ratio 1:4:3
3 Auxiliary plan objective 2X
4 Auxiliary plan objective 0.75X
5 Auxiliary plan objective 0.63X
6 Auxiliary plan objective 0.5X
7 1X C mount
8 0.5X C mount
9 7X phot Adapter
10 Cold light illumination
11 Dark filed Attachment

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