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Pocket TDS tester LPTS-A10


Pocket TDS tester LPTS-A10 is equipped with platinum sensor & 1 point push button calibration system. It comes with low TDS measurement range. It is easy to use & with waterproof features design it provides protection against harsh conditions. The standard platinum sensor provides fast and reliable measuring results. Total dissolved solid content present in drinking water, waste water, swimming pool & aquarium water can be measured using pocket TDS meter.

Features :

  • Selectable TDS conversion factor for accurate measurements
  • 1 point push button calibration to adjust the display value to known standard
  • Equipped with platinum sensor
  • Low TDS measurement range
  • Automatic temperature compensation for accurate measured value over the entire range
  • Auto hold function freezes stable, final readings for better viewing and recording
  • Automatic power off helps to reduce battery power consumption
  • Waterproof features guarantees protection against harsh conditions
  • Replaceable electrode module to reduce the maintenance , replacement cost
Specifications :
TDS range 0.5 - 100.0 ppm
TDS accuracy ± 1 % F.S.
TDS factor 0.4 to 1.0 (default 0.5)
Calibration points 1 point
TDS type range Low range TDS
Calibration solutions 71.8 ppm
Type of sensor Platinum sensor
Temperature compensation 0 °C - 50 °C, Automatic
Temperature coefficient 2 % per °C
Normalization temperature 25 °C
Operating temperature 0 °C - 60 °C, 32 °F - 140 °F
Connector 6 pin
Display LCD screen
Data hold function Manual
Battery life Approximately 150 hours
Power off Manual or automatic (8 minutes after last key is pressed)
Power 3 × 1.5 V “G13A”
Dimension (L × dia.) 185 × 40 mm
Weight 100 g
Applications :

Pocket TDS tester is used to measure TDS content in waste water, swimming pool & aquarium, pure water, drinking water. It is also used in educational and other industrial applications for TDS measurement from test samples.

Standard Accessories :

G134 button cell batteries
Carrying box
TDS standard solution (71.8 ppm)

Optional Accessories :

71.8 ppm TDS standard solutions
Platinum conductivity electrode

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