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Vacuum Pycnometer LVPY-A11


Vacuum Pycnometer LVPY-A11 is integrated with a negative pressure chamber of capacity 18L. It features a pump with a pumping rate of 1L/s that ensures efficient removal of air from the chamber. Equipped with a gauge with pressure ranging from 0 to 100kpa that maintains vacuum conditions for precise measurements. Our pycnometer is suitable for asphalt mixtures containing porous aggregates with water absorption less than 3%.

Features :

  • Aluminum base and frame
  • Continuous vibration mode for sample compaction
  • Transparent plexiglass for visibility
  • Provides secure sealing
  • Class A certified chamber
  • Complies with D2041, AASHTO T209/T283
Specifications :
Capacity 18L
Chamber Dimensions(D× H) 280 × 200mm
Pumping Rate 1L/S
Pump Ultimate Vacuum 10Pa
Pump Refueling Volume 250ml
Motor Power 120W
Pressure Range 0 to 100kpa
Test Requirement 3.7Kpa (±0.3)
Vibration Mode Continuous vibration
Vibration Motor Input Power 50W
Material Aluminum unibody base and frame
Power Supply 220v±10% 50Hz
Dimension 440×440×520mm
Weight 30kg
Applications :

Paving Mixtures: Determining the theoretical maximum relative density of compacted or noncompacted bituminous mixtures.
Road Construction: Used for asphalt design, road investigation, and quality management to calculate air voids and compaction.
Material Characterization: Widely used in materials science and engineering for characterizing the density and porosity of solid materials.

Standard Accessories :

Suitable Vacuum Pump

Digital Manometer
Suitable Vibrating Table
Indicating Drierite Air Drying Unit

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