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White Blood Cell Analyzer LWBC-A10


White Blood Cell Analyzer LWBC-A10 counts and characterizes white blood cells efficiently in a blood sample. Microcuvette technology enhances its reliability and produces high quality results. Device provides rapid results, allowing healthcare professionals to obtain accurate information. In comparison with huge analyzers, our WBC analyzer offers advantages in terms of space and time efficiency.

Features :

  • User friendly interface
  • Portability makes it convenient for mobility
  • Rechargeable lithium battery improves efficiency
  • Requires minimal testing time
  • Supports connectivity through external bluetooth printer
  • White Blood Cell Analyzer insertable microfluidic chip
  • Pattern recognition algorithm enables timely diagnosis
  • WBC testing cuvette for loading sample
Specifications :
Measuring principle Microfluidic + Optical detection
Sample type Capillary or venous whole blood
Sample volume 10 µL
Parameters WBC, MON, NEU, EOS, LYM, BAS
Measurement range 0 to 32 × 109/L
Detection time 3 mins
Fast mode Detection time 45 s
Communication USB, MIC USB, DC
Data 3000 groups
Analyzer Storage temperature -20 ℃ to 60 ℃
Reagent storage temperature 2 ℃ to 35 ℃
Dimension 138 × 140 × 116 mm
Weight 750 g
Applications :

White Blood Cell Analyzer is used for analysis across fields veterinary sciences, pharmaceutical, research and academics settings, healthcare setup, etc.

Optional Accessories :

Bluetooth printer

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