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Labtron coverslippers can accommodate multiple slides with wide storage capacity. Equipped with an advanced pressure dispensing system, ensuring faultless results. It features an intelligent innovative design, eliminating potential disruptions to workflow. Our cover slippers come equipped with built-in safety features ensuring heightened protection. Offers enhanced multiple connectivity options, including USB ports and network interfaces, facilitating seamless data interaction and integration. Labtron's coverslipper ensures peak performance with comprehensive control through real-time monitoring on a user-friendly digital interface.

Automatic Cover Slipper LACS-A10 Automatic Cover Slipper LACS-A10

Storage Capacity : 6 layers, each layer 20 pieces

Slide Size : 26 × 75 mm

Number Of Cover Slides Uploaded : ≥ 160

Cover Slide Size : 24× (50±10) mm

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