Orbital Shaker Double Decker LODS-A10

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Orbital Shaker Double Decker LODS-A10

Orbital Shaker LODS-A10 features a well-designed and robust double decker to increase capacity. The three eccentric shaft balancing drive ensures that the sample on platform shakes with the same speed. The unique design of speed monitoring circuit provides long working life under repeated and continuous use. A wide range of platforms available make them ideal for use with culture flasks, bottles and other vessels.

Available Range :

Maximum Load Capacity : 2.5 kg Maximum Load Capacity : 3 kg Maximum Load Capacity : 8 kg Maximum Load Capacity : 7.5 kg Shaking Speed Range : 20 - 250 rpm Shaking Speed Range : 10 - 250 rpm
Shaking Speed Range 50 - 300 rpm
Platform Dimension 840 x 620 mm
Shaking Orbit 30 / 50 mm
Shaking Motion Orbital
Display LCD
Timer Range 0 - 500 h
Temperature Range RT + 5 - 65 °C
Operation Continuous/Timed
Overall Dimension 980 x 680 x 820 mm
Power 280 W
Power Supply 220 V , 60 Hz
  • Easy to clean stainless steel platform
  • Available in monolayer
  • Three eccentric shaft balancing drive to ensure uniform sample shaking speed
  • Unique speed monitoring circuit design
  • Microprocessor controller with timer function for reliable temperature control
  • Menu-driven easy to use interface
  • Brushless DC motor ensures maintenance-free, reliable and quiet operation
  • Slow start up function prevents liquid spillage
  • Data retrieval on power failure

Our product Orbital Shaker is suitable for cell culturing, staining/de-staining and general mixing inmicrobiology, chemistry, immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biopharmaceutical and biomedical laboratories.