Digital Display Heating Mantle LDHM-A12

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Digital Display Heating Mantle LDHM-A12

Digital Display Heating Mantle LDHM-A12 is a benchtop device features maximum temperature of 300°C, and has a capacity to hold 250 ml of round bottom flask. Equipped with powerful magnetic stirring, waterproof buttons, stepless speed control knob, etc. to ensure precise heating of containers. It can work continuously and also require optimum electricity. It is useful in laboratories, medicine field, petrochemical industries and environmental research institutions.

Available Range :

Capacity : 5 l Capacity : 100 ml Capacity : 1000 ml Capacity : 2000 ml Capacity : 3 L Capacity : 50 ml
Capacity 250 ml
Temperature Range RT to 300°C
Temperature Control Digital Temperature Control
Function Heating-Magnetic Stirring
Working time 6 hours continuous work
Stirring Speed 0 to 1400 rpm
Heating Power 150 W
Standard Accessories Sensor, stand, stirrer, fuse, plug
Packing Dimension 230 × 230 × 200 mm
Net Weight 2.5 kg
Gross weight 2.75 kg
  • Digital temperature control panel and magnetic stirring
  • Adopts heat resistant alkali-free glass fiber for insulation
  • Nickel-chromium alloy wire for efficient heating
  • Large heating area and uniform heat distribution
  • Temperature sensor for accurate temperature monitoring
  • Fixing bracket to adjust the sensor position
  • Exterior made of metal case with plastic-coating
  • Easy to move and requires low maintenance

Heating Mantle used as a source for heating liquid samples across laboratories, industries and research institutes, petrochemical industries, agriculture and environment protection institutions.