Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner LDUC-A12

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner LDUC-A12

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner LDUC-A12 is a compact and robust 3.2 L tanked structure that creates waves in the tank water to clean glassware and instruments from grime. The inner steel chamber is resistant to cavitation bubbles and strong solvents when intense cleaning is necessary. Capable of adjusting the power exerted, the ultrasonic cleaner also protects fragile equipment. Equipped with degassing and degreasing function for removal of dissolved gasses and cleansing of the tank.

Available Range :

Capacity : 3.2 L Capacity : 10 L Capacity : 15 L Capacity : 1.3 L Capacity : 22 L Capacity : 6.5 L
Capacity 3.2 L
Tank size ( L x W x H ) 240 mm x 140 mm x 100 mm
Machine size ( L x W x H ) 270 mm x 170 mm x 240 mm
Ultrasonic power 120 W
Heater power 100 W
Temperature set 0 °C ~ 80 °C
Digital timer 1 ~ 99 mins
Control mode Digital
Construction material Stainless Steel
Voltage AC 220 V / 50 Hz
  • 3.2 L capacity tank
  • Integrated digital circuit for timer and heater
  • Temperature range : 0 °C ~ 80 °C
  • Cleaning duration : 1 ~ 99 mins
  • Gapless purge tank
  • One key access for auto stand-by , sleep and wake up mode
  • Efficient cleaning can be done by distilled water
  • Precise digital processed temperature controls
  • Optimum durability under prolonged and heavy usage

Ideal for cleaning lenses and other optical parts, dental and surgical instruments, electronics, tools, pens, firearms, jewelry, and golf clubs. It is also used in manufacturing and maintenance of aerospace, engineering, filtration, orthopedic implants, pharmaceutical, plating and surface finishing, printing technology and equipment etc.

Cleaning Basket Yes