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Dispensing System

Labtron dispensing Systems can easily automate and refine the process of allocating culture media into diverse vessels like Petri dishes and test tubes. Seamlessly integrate our system into your existing workflow whether in your laboratory, production facility, or research environment. Their implementation not only conserves substantial time and effort but also elevates precision and uniformity in the process. Labtron provides fully automated dispensing systems that boast the capability to simultaneously allocate media into multiple containers. Furthermore, they offer programmable functionalities, enabling precise dispensing of predetermined volumes into each specific container. Save time, resources, and expenses with optimized media dispensing.

LAMD-A10 Automated Media Dispensing System LAMD-A10

Height With carrousel : 65 cm

Height of Carrousel : 23 cm

Max. loading petri dishes : 94 pcs

Filling range : 1 to 99 ml

LAMD-A11 Automated Media Dispensing System LAMD-A11

Height With carrousel : 99 cm

Height of Carrousel : 56 cm

Max. loading petri dishes : 241 pcs

Filling range : 1 to 99 ml

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Automated Media Dispensing System

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