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Dispersion Machine

Dispersion machines are vital tools in industries that demand uniform mixing and dispersion of materials. Their ability to create consistent, high-quality products while optimizing production efficiency makes them an indispensable asset in modern manufacturing processes. Whether in paint production, pharmaceuticals, food processing, cosmetics, or the chemical industry, dispersion machines play a pivotal role in achieving desired product characteristics and meeting stringent quality standards. There are many different types of dispersion machines available, that are best suited for a particular application will depend on the properties of the materials being dispersed, the desired particle size, and the production volume.

LMDM-A10 Multi-function Dispersion Machine LMDM-A10

Stuff jar : 1.2 L

Handing ability : 200 to 8000 mL

Speed : 100 to 8000 rpm

Material : SS 304

LMDM-A11 Multi-function Dispersion Machine LMDM-A11

Stuff jar : 1.2 L

Handing ability : 200 to 10000 mL

Speed : 200 to 1000 rpm

Material : SS 304

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Multi-Function Dispersion Machine

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