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Labtron Dosimeters are designed to measure different types of radiation. These are small and portable devices that measure an individual's exposure to various forms of radiation over a specific period. They can detect various types of radiation, such as gamma, X-ray, beta, and neutron radiation. They can be calibrated regularly to ensure accurate measurements. These have significance across industries like nuclear power, medical radiology, and nuclear medicine, safeguarding workers from hazardous radiation levels. Regular monitoring is pivotal in averting long-term health implications. Within medical realms, dosimeters play a critical role in ensuring patients receive the exact radiation dosage required during diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. Accurate dosing is important, impacting both the effectiveness of treatment and the mitigation of radiation-induced side effects.

LDSM-B10 Dosimeter (α, β, γ) LDSM-B10

Temperature Range : 40 °C to 50°C

Measurement Ranges : Counting rate: 0 to 500000 CPM, 0 to 8000 CPS Radiation dose rate: 0.01 to 10000 u Sv/h

Energy Ranges : 25 KeV to 7 MeV

Display Unit : CPM, CPS, Bq/cm2 , μ Gy/h ,μ Sv/h

LDSM-A10 Dosimeter (β and γ) LDSM-A10

Temperature Range : -20°С to +50°С

Measurement Ranges : dose equivalent rate (137 Cs): 0.01 μ Sv/h to 10 m Sv/h dose equivalent (137 Cs): 0.01 u Sv to 9999 Sv

Energy Ranges : X and Gamma radiation: 40 KeV to 3.0 MeV Beta radiation: 0.5 to 3.0 MeV

Display Unit : Dose rate: µ Sv/h, m Sv/h, Sv/h automatic conversion Dose: µ Sv, m Sv, Sv automatic conversion

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