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Portable Drug Detector LTDD-A20

Portable Drug Detector LTDD-A20

Portable Drug Detector LTDD-A20 employs Raman spectrometry technology to identify components based on their unique wavelengths. It works in a spectral range of 200 cm-1 to 3100 cm-1 with 785 nm of excitation wavelength. Its compact design, advanced software, and high-precision detector enable non-destructive identification and verification of various sample types, ensuring accurate readings. Utilizes an advanced algorithm specifically designed to detect contaminants and mixtures of chemicals.

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Drug Identification Drugs: Heroin/morphine, cocaine, papaverine, etc.
Drug precursors: acetone, toluene, etc.
Common Drugs: cephalosporin, amoxicillin, nitronazole, ofloxacin, acaphenol powder, (headache powder) etc.
Excitation Wavelength 785 nm
Laser Output Power 0 to 500 mW
Spectral Range 200 cm⁻1 to 3100 cm⁻1
Spectral Resolution approx. 10 cm⁻1 at 1000 nm
Detector Type 2048-pixel Linear CCD Array
Display 5.6-inch LCD with touchscreen
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
Operating Temperature 0 to 45°C
Storage Temperature 0 to 45°C
Working Humidity 5% to 80%
Battery Micro USB Rechargeable Li-ion,
Battery Operation >7 hrs
Power 800 W
Current Output DC 12 V, 2 A Minimum
Dimensions 180 × 95 × 38 mm
Weight 725 g
  • Single-button detection system
  • Capable of performing measurements externally
  • Analyze complex mixtures of chemicals
  • Offers spectral libraries to add new compound details
  • Displays results within seconds
  • Barcode reader compatibility
  • Generates detailed PDF reports
  • Equipped with built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth

Portable Drug Detector finds applications in quality control departments, investigative agencies, security checks, and more.

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