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Drying Cabinet

Labtron's drying cabinet has a precise temperature management system that enables you to establish and sustain the perfect drying conditions for your glassware and equipment. we guarantee effective drying without harming your delicate materials. It is designed to dry glassware quickly and efficiently, saving time for laboratory personnel. Our cabinet boasts a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, purifying incoming air by eliminating dust, microbes, and other impurities. This purified airflow plays an important role in upholding a sterile environment within the cabinet. They feature over-temperature protection and secure door-locking mechanisms these measures prioritize user safety and safeguard your valuable equipment.

LGDC-A10 Glassware Drying Cabinet LGDC-A10

Working volume : 380 L

Internal width : 900 mm

Internal depth : 580 mm

Internal height : 700 mm

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Drying Cabinet

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