Electrolyte analyzer

Labtron Electrolyte Analyzer can measure multiple electrolytes simultaneously. They require a minimal sample volume for analysis. Our electrolyte analyzer offers both partial and full automation for efficient testing. They provide alerts for routine maintenance tasks. They feature easy calibration procedures to maintain measurement accuracy. They are equipped with clear, easy-to-read digital displays for immediate data interpretation. These can be integrated with laboratory information systems for seamless data transfer.

Electrolyte analyzer : Semi-Automated Electrolyte Analyzer LSAE-A10

Semi-Automated Electrolyte Analyzer LSAE-A10

Sample : Whole blood, serum, plasma, diluted urine

Sample volume : 150 µL

Working temperature : 5 to 40℃

Measuring time : less than 50s

Electrolyte analyzer : Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer LAEA-A10

Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer LAEA-A10

Measuring Parameter : K,Na,Cl

Sample Capacity : 100 µL

Automatic sampling : 25-bit sampling system for option (20 samples, 2 QC, 1 emergency, 1 washing)

Measuring time : 40s

Electrolyte analyzer : Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer LAEA-A11
Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer LAEA-A11

Sample Type : Venous blood

Testing Principle : Dry electrochemistry/Microfluidic method

Measuring Parameters : K+, Na+, Cl-, iCa2+, iMg2+

Minimum Sample Requirement : 100 µL

Semi-Automated Electrolyte Analyzer :
Semi-Automated Electrolyte Analyzer LSAE-A10, and more.

Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer :
Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer LAEA-A10, Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer LAEA-A11, and more.

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