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Fat Analyzer

Labtron Fat analyzers are calibrated to provide precise readings of fat content in food items. They Feature user-friendly interfaces and simple buttons for ease of operation. Evolving with time, these analyzers integrate advanced technology to ensure efficient and accurate results. With a simple touch, our analyzers assess fat in any food sample, mirroring reference chemistry accuracy, requiring no prior understanding of the sample matrix or composition. They have an important role in quality control, nutritional evaluation, and health monitoring. These analyzers primarily come in two main types: Automatic Soxhlet fat analyzers and semi-automatic Soxhlet Fat Analyzers. Each type offers its own set of functionalities and features catering to diverse analytical needs.

LSFA-A10 Semi-Automatic (Soxhlet) Fat Analyzer LSFA-A10

Capacity : 6 pcs/batch

Sample Weight : 0.5 to 15 g (generally 2 to 5 g, depending on sample)

Temperature Range : RT +5℃ to 280℃

Measuring Range : 0 to 100 %

LSFA-B10 Automatic (Soxhlet) Fat Analyzer LSFA-B10

Capacity : 6 pcs./ batch

Sample weight : 0.5 to 15 g

Temperature range : RT + 5°C to 300°C

Measuring range : 0.1 to 100%

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