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Fiber Analyzer

Labtron Fiber analyzer is integrated with advanced infrared heating technology and offers enhanced efficiency. It incorporates a pre-heating function within its body significantly reducing the overall time required for analysis. Operating with simplicity and adaptability, it seamlessly aligns with the conventional Weende method. The device also includes adjustable crucible heating power, allowing precise control of overheating rates and reducing energy consumption. It has adjustable settings and customizable testing parameters to suit specific research or industrial requirements.

LFBA-A10 Fiber Analyzer LFBA-A10

Measurement range : 0.1 % to 100 %

Sample weight : 0.5 g to 3 g

Repeatability error : Craw Fiber Content below 10 %, ≤ 0.4 % Craw Fiber Content above 10 %, ≤ 1 %

Capacity : 6 pcs/batch

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Fiber Analyzer

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