Flame Photometer LFP-A21

Flame Photometer LFP-A21

Flame Photometer LFP-A21 is a benchtop unit that determines concentration of metal ions like K, Na, and Ca in a test sample. Designed with 7-inch color touch screen display that displays direct concentration of elements. Equipped with USB interface for data transfer and storage. Features flameout protection device and air compressor. It automatically determines correlation coefficient of test sample.

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Testing Elements K, Na, Ca
No of Channels 3
Display Value Concentration value
Data Range 0.000 to 999.9
K 0 to 100 ppm
Na 0 to 160 ppm
Ca 0 to 1000 ppm
K 0.01 ppm
Na 0.01 ppm
Ca 2 ppm
Linear Error
K 0.195
Na 0.69
Ca 3
Display 7-inch colour touch screen
Response time time <8s
Sample uptake < 6 ml/min
Stability <3% drift over 15s during continuous aspiration
Reproducibility <3% coefficient of variation for 7 consecutive samples
Fuel LPG
Interface USB
Power supply AC 220 V±22 V 50 Hz±1 Hz, 250 W
Overall Dimensions 780 × 560 × 390 mm
Weight 18 kg
  • 7 inch Color touch screen display Display of direct concentration of elements
  • Automatically determines correlation coefficient of test sample
  • Allows pre- selection of flame sizes
  • Equipped with flame out protection devices
  • Supported with air compressor that ensures essential stable flame conditions
  • Provides selection of different concentration units
  • USB interface for data transfer and storage
  • Easy to operate

Flame Photometer has wide applications in areas like clinical laboratories, pathology, research laboratories, soil and fertilizer industries, petroleum and mining industries, chemical product manufacturing units, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

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Flame Photometer : A flame photometer is a scientific instrument used for the quantitative analysis of certain chemical elements, particularly alkali and alkaline earth metals, based on their ability to emit characteristic colors when exposed to a flame. This analytical technique is commonly used in various fields, including chemistry, environmental science, geology, and clinical laboratories, to determine the concentration of specific metal ions in a sample. It is based on the fact that when metal ions are introduced into a flame, they absorb energy from the flame and then re-emit that energy as light. Each element emits light at a specific wavelength, which is unique to that element. By measuring the intensity of this emitted light, scientists can determine the concentration of the metal ion in the sample
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