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Flexometer LFT-A10

Flexometer LFT-A10

Flexometer LFT-A10 is a specialized machine designed to provide precise and repeatable testing of the material’s flexing properties. It features advanced motors that ensure accurate positioning during testing. Comes equipped with 12 workstations, which enable the simultaneous testing of various samples. Constructed from stainless steel with a scratch-resistant finish. It offers exceptional durability and reliability. This makes the machine invaluable in industries where the durability and quality of flexible materials are of paramount importance.

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Clamping tool 12 workstations
Test piece size 70×45 mm
Bending angle 22.5˚
Counter LCD 0-999, 999
Speed 100 ±5 cpm
Power 0.2 W
Voltage AC 220V 50Hz
Dimensions 78×46×32 cm
Weight 78 kg
  • Precise Flexing Mechanism: Equipped with precise and controlled flexing for consistent and repeatable testing conditions
    Adjustable Flex Parameters: Allows for the adjustment of key parameters such as the number of flex cycles and the flexing speed
    Secure Clamping System: Securely holds the material specimen in place during testing
    Counter for Cycle Monitoring: A built-in counter keeps track of the number of flex cycles during testing
    Visual Inspection Capabilities: Operators can closely inspect the material during the test for visible signs of wear and tear

Used to evaluate the performance of leather materials in various industries such as shoes, clothing, luggage, and handbags. It serves as an essential tool for assessing the quality and durability of leather-based products.

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