Portable VOC gas detector LPVG-A10

Portable VOC gas detector LPVG-A10

Portable VOC gas detector LPVG-A10 is a portable pump suction single gas alarm detector. It detects oxygen, EX gas, poisonous gases like H2S, NH3, CO, SO2, Cl2. Imported sensors ensure great sensitivity and reproducibility. Integrated microcontroller control technology for simplified operation. Micro USB charging interface for conveniently charging the detector.

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Temperature range -20 ℃ to 50 ℃
Humidity 15% to 95% RH
Method Pump suction
Gases detected Oxygen, gas (EX), poisonous gases like H2S, NH3, CO, SO2, Cl2
Response time EX ≤ 20 s, O2≤ 30 s, CO ≤ 40 s, H2S ≤ 30 s
Display Dot Matrix Liquid crystal display
Working mode Continuous
Alarm type Voice alarm, Light alarm, Red LEDs, Vibration
Power Source Lithium battery 1800 mAh
Charging time 3 to 5 hours
Charging Voltage DC5V
  • Pump suction method to detect gases
  • Great accuracy and sensitivity
  • Portable and energy efficient device
  • Self-checking parameter enhances reliability
  • Liquid crystal display for visualization
  • Stores records of 3000 alarms
  • Better device charging experience

Portable VOC gas detector is widely used for detecting gas concentration across petroleum, aviation fuels, research and development and laboratories.

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