Glassware Drying Cabinet LGDC-A10

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Glassware Drying Cabinet LGDC-A10

Glassware Drying Cabinet LGDC-A10 is a digital microprocessor temperature controlled unit with 380 L working capacity. When the air is injected into the working volume at adjustable temperature up to 60˚C, it can dry and store glassware proficiently. Designed with high accuracy and prevents the set temperature from being exceeded and it offers all functions that are needed. Designed with 2 durable see through glass door for easy viewing of content inside inner cabinet and digital LED display to set actual temperature as well as remaining process time. The inner and outer casings are made of steel sheets coated with epoxy paints. It is easy to use, clean, and it’s an energy efficient cabinet.

Available Range :

Working volume : 380 L
Working volume 380 L
Internal width 900 mm
Internal depth 580 mm
Internal height 700 mm
External width 960 mm
External depth 600 mm
External height 882 mm
Temperature Up to 60˚C
Door Dual door
Shelves standard configuration 02 standard perforated stainless steel shelves
Shelves maximum no. 5
Shelf size 890 × 560 mm
Maximum load 60 kg
Power consumption 1500 W
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz, 16 A
  • PID digital controller system
  • Designed with LED display to set actual temperature and remaining process time
  • Offers PT100 probe sensor
  • End of the cycle it makes buzzing noise
  • Provides high accuracy and prevent the set temperature from being exceeded
  • Equipped with sound and visual alarm, protect products and oven
  • Perforated for better circulation warm air and multiple level loading function
  • Designed with dual door, 2 security glasses and shockproof to see inside the cabinet
  • Material used inner and outer casings are made of white-painted steel sheet
  • The moist air escape through an opening at the top of the cabinet

Glassware Drying Cabinet is used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic manufacturing, food testing industry, automotive and aerospace industries, and electronics (PCB) manufacturing also used for drying, heating, sterilization and hot storage.

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